Full Council Meetings are usually held on the last Wednesday of every month at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall and members of the public and the press are welcome to attend. Notice of meetings and the agenda are also posted on the Parish notice boards at Upper Colwall, the Library and Colwall Green.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

This team is headed up by the Chairman John Stock and supported by Vice Chairman - Edith Haynes. The remaining Committee members are Jim Beard, Paul Butler, John Daniels, Rod Lane, Gwyneth Rees and Steve Stratton. This Committee has responsibility for all financial affairs of the Council. The team prepares estimates and monitors the financial position of the organisation, reporting back to the Full Council. They meet at least twice per year.

Planning and Development Committee

This Committee has a Chairman Jim Beard and Vice Chairman Edith Haynes, also serving on this Committee is The Chairman Gwyneth Rees and Vice Chairman of Council John Stock plus Councillors Paul Butler, Rita Evans, Steve Stratton and James Wiseman. There are 2 vacancies on this committee. The main responsibilities of this group is considering and determining all local Planning and Development matters and also deal with strategic and local transportation issues. This group meet at least monthly.

Amenities Committee

The Chairman is Rod Lane and Vice Chairman Paul Butler who is supported by the Chairman Gwyneth Rees and Vice Chairman of Council John Stock plus Councillors Wendy Cottam, Rita Evans, Paul Morrissey and James Wiseman with 2 vacancies on this committee. Co-opted members on this Committee are Freda Ballard and Chris Englefield.

January 2020

Jan 8

Planning & Development Committee meeting

Jan 22

Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting This will be held in the Main Hall of Colwall Village Hall

Jan 29

Full Council

February 2020

Feb 5

Village Amenities

Feb 12

Planning & Development Committee

Feb 26

Full Council

March 2020

Mar 11

Planning & Development Committee

Mar 18

Full Council

April 2020

Apr 1

Village Amenities Committee

Apr 8

Planning & Development Committee

Apr 22

Finance & General Purpose Committee

Apr 29

Full Council