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You may contact any Colwall Parish Councillor by e-mailing the Clerk, who will forward any correspondence. Alternatively, all Councillor's details can be found below.

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Colwall Parish Councillors

Roland Trafford-Roberts Chairman

Gwyneth Rees Vice Chairman

Tony Johnson County Councillor

John Stock Councillor

Jim Beard Councillor

Edith Haynes Councillor

John Daniels Councillor

Rita Evans Councillor

Paul Butler Councillor

Sam Burston Councillor

Wendy Cottam Councillor

Ricky James Councillor

Elonka Soros Councillor

James Wiseman Councillor

Register of Members' Disclosable Interests

This register is maintained by the Monitoring Officer at Herefordshire Council and relates to the interests registered by the Councillors for Colwall Parish Council. The Register is kept up to date by the Monitoring Officer at Hereford Council.